Joe Barton and Barton Publishing would love to teach you how to avoid losing your gallbladder by passing your gallstones in less than 24 hours. Guaranteed!

2 hours later again: You can start eating. Begin with a fresh fruit juice (why not go on with grapefruit!). Then, one hour later, eat a fruit. Again one hour later, eat normaly but light. By the evening, everything should be back to normal.

Most gallstone sufferers listen to their doctor's advice to get their gallbladder removed. Gallbladder surgeries have become one of the most common surgeries in America. And many natural health experts believe that this surgery is also the most disastrous long term treatment. And that is why thousands of sufferers are now choosing a healthier option… a gallstones home treatment.

1. Gallstone Prevention First- Whatever treatment you use you should always begin your treatment with gallstone prevention. Some simple gallstone prevention tips would be to: maintain a healthy weight, don't lose weight drastically, eat balanced meals with some fat (fat causes the gallbladder to empty), eat high fiber, don't consume high cholesterol, and exercise regularly. This gallstone prevention tips are extremely helpful for both avoiding gallstones and staying healthy.

The following tips will help cleanse the kidneys, liver and gallbladder while eliminating cholesterol form the gallbladder. The hope is to make the gallbladder run more efficiently and have your stones pass in your stool by tomorrow.

If you are suffering with gallstones and do not want to undergo an operation, you can use herbal remedies to treat gallstone and eradicate it out of your system without any surgery. Herbs have been used since ancient times to resolve problems of stones in kidneys and gallbladder successfully. Even today these are finest and safest methods of treating gallstones and also other health related issues. Herbs are natural medicines which elevate body's function and do not cast any sort of side effects even on prolonged use.

Gallbladder disease is usually said to occur when stones form, blocking the bile duct. There are two different types of stones sine made of cholesterol and others made of calcium and bile salts, swelling of the gallbladder then occurs and this is known as cholecystitis. When gallstones occur in the bile duct this is known as choledocholithasis and cholangitis is the infection of the gallbladder and bile duct.

Passing gallstones is not a difficult thing. It does require you to strongly encourage yourself that you can pass gallstones through vitamins, herbs and supplements. But if natural treatment does not work, then that is the time that you need to consult your doctor for a surgery.